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Bench Candidates -
Text Campaign Templates

Use these templates to reach
out via text to job candidates you'd like to hire in the future.

Bench Candidates -
Email Campaign Templates

Use these templates to reach
out via email to candidates who sign up for job posting alerts.

Assess Your
Recruiting System

Measure the work you’re putting into recruiting against the results you’re getting out.

ATS Reports

Make sure you’re using the
ATS to its full potential by reviewing each of the
reports available to you.

Sample Interview Questions

Use these questions to pre-qualify applicants and ensure your candidates are a true culture fit.


Download this PDF to ensure you’re following the steps to make your ATS successful
and efficient.

Careers Page Template

Use this wireframe web page template to create a cutting-edge careers page you can customize for your company.

Ultimate Job Ad Checklist

Use this checklist to attract better candidates next time you publish a job ad.

Core Fit Profile Worksheet

Quickly determine who your
ideal candidate is and how you can attract them to your
job openings.

Values Worksheet

Before you post your next job
ad, brainstorm behaviors you
find important in each of the four values categories.

360 Marketing Plan Questionnaire

Dive in and learn how your customers perceive your brand, what your employees think, and how job seekers view you.

ATS Selection Checklist

Prioritize what matters most to you before choosing an ATS using this checklist.